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16mm & 8mm Comparison Videos

Other Companies will give you the "BEFORE" quality. We go the extra mile.

16 MM/8 MM Film-7
16 MM/8 MM Film-8

What is included

16mm/8mm FILM restoration:

  • Guaranteed MORE VIEWING TIME when you use my service: All films run faster than normal, jittery, Keystone cop-ish, expecially 16mm-. I correct this, to a normal pace, added to the running time as much as 50% making your viewing time twice as long as any other company. Other companies will not slow down to a normal human pace- see video example (no other company does this)
  • Films are hand cleaned & splice replaced or repaired, computer enhanced, Computer Color corrected (see demo videos, turn your speakers on)

16mm Audio track:

Optical or Magnetic- I am the only company that will enhance the audio track ( no other company offers this)

If YOUR FILMS Are Silent, I edit in Historically correct music of the time period per scene, (1950's Christmas music for 1950's Christmas films etc.)- see and hear demos

(there is not one company in the U.S that Edits music per given film scene).

  1. I provide a .avi computer file for near and far future editing projects/ archiving/ internet clips. (no other company offers this)

  2. also 5 playable DVD's are provided - 1 to save, 4 others to give away for friends and family members (no other company offers this)

  3. Films are put in order (about 75% Accurate) (no other company does this)

  4. I keep a copy of your work here in my computer for shipping safety when sent back to you. (no other company does this)

  5. 100% money back guaranteed that I can restore your films to look and sound better than any other company. (no other company offers this)

  6. No charge for blank footage, bad spots can be repaired.

  7. 28 years of experience, serving all of the U.S. Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii

"These films are UNBELIEVABLE.  Fantastic job overlaying sound from planes and beaches, etc.  I am truly amazed at the quality of your restoration.  There is absolutely no comparison to what others are trying to do.  I'll be sending out, this week, ALL of my grandparents 16mm films, about 30.  There is no hurry on the return date as I know your expertise takes time.  I'll just need to know the amount of the included check prior to your deposit."

Thanks again for resurrecting some very old memories!

-Jimmy Chenery

Types of Films We Have Worked With

  • 16mm TV sitcoms and movie films with Magnetic and optical track 
  • 16mm film restoration and transfer to .avi Digital format, DVD or hard drive for:
    • 16mm Family Film restored
    • 16mm war footage restored
    • 16mm World War 2 films restored
    • 16mm military training films restored
    • 16mm Vietnam films restored
    • 16mm Korea films restored
    • 16mm Historic vintage films restored
    • 16mm Presidential films restored
    • 16mm parades, rodeo, horse racing, Car, motorcycle races, Mardi gras films restored
    • 16mm college, high school Football Films restored
    • 16mm Basketball films restored
    • 16mm Training Films with Optical and Magnetic Audio track
    • 16mm TV broadcast Films with Magnetic Audio track
    • 16mm TV commercials with Magnetic or optical audio track
    • 16mm TV news films with Magnetic or optical audio track

Our Restored Films have Been Seen On...

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Due to overwhelming demand, inquiries will be taken by e-mail only

Reel Film Production Contact Us


Dear Reel Film Productions Professionals— Many thanks for the amazing film you were able to recover for us from the 1930s! Despite Hurricane Harvey you returned our movie film as a DVD movie, complete with titles, silent-film-era music, and visual quality that was truly impressive—within ten days, I believe it was. My 92-year-old mother and her 90-year-old sister each got one of the five DVD copies you sent and they were thrilled to see themselves as young girls, playing with their many cousins in their grandmother’s back yard and swimming on an outing to the lake. What fun to make this happen for them and to see their excitement. Priceless! I appreciate your professionalism, your promptness, and your results. Best present I could have given these ladies — and they look forward to sharing the movie with their children and grandchildren. Wishing you many more opportunities to put smiles on faces,
Barbara in Vermont

Sample One - 16 MM Silent Film Restoration


Before Film Video Audio Restoration #1


After Reel Film Production


Sample Two - 8 MM Silent Film Restoration


Before Film Video Audio Restoration #2


After Film Video Audio Restoration #3


Sample Three - 16 MM Film Restoration


Before Reel Film Production


Reel Film Production


Sample Four - Super 8 MM/16 MM Film Restoration


Before Film Video Audio Restoration #4


Before Film Video Audio Restoration #4


Sample Five - 16 MM Film Restoration


Film Video Audio Restoration #5


After Film Video Audio Restoration #5

Video 5