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28 Years' Of Experience All Over The United States

Reel Film Production, LLC...

is a full service 8mm 16mm film, video & audio restoration service company.

Restoring and transferring your vintage Films, Audio tapes and video tapes to Digital format, we do it all maintaining the highest standards for production value and design.

8mm 16mm reel to reel film restoration service

My Guarantees and Unique Services

#1. 100% money back guaranteed that I can restore your films to look, sound and have a better presentation than any other company. ( no other company offers this )

#2. Guaranteed MORE VIEWING TIME when you use my service: All films run faster than normal, jittery, Keystone cop-ish. I correct this, to a normal pace, added to the running time as much as 50% making your viewing time twice as long as any other company. Other companies will not slow down to a normal human pace- see video example ( no other company does

#3. shipping safety- I keep a copy of your work here in my computer ( no other company does this)

#4. Films are hand cleaned and put in order. ( no other company offers this)

#5. I provide a .avi computer file for near and far future editing projects/ archiving/ internet clips. ( no other company offers this)

#6. 5 playable DVD's are provided - 1 to save, 4 others to give away for friends and family members ( no other company offers this)

#7. Color Corrected computer enhanced. ( no other company offers this)

Little at a time is the best way to do this.

  • Do not send or drop off ALL your films to anybody!
  • How do you know what it's going to look like?
  • Many people make this mistake. thinking it's all the same.


Let me do 1 or 2 small reels. See how you like it !

Please view on Large screened device - please turn your speakers on

Before Reel Film Productions
After Reel Film Productions

Due to overwhelming demand, inquiries will be taken by e-mail only

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"Just got the videos today... One word ....... AMAZING....!!!!! Its absolutely AMAZING... The video you produced from the film far exceeded what I was expecting from a color film shot in 1946 and had apparently been in attics and closets since. I was hoping to get a few good scenes of my in-laws wedding and we got 15 mins of an Italian wedding that is incredible.

You clearly slowed down the frames so it was a natural looking video.
The music you added was perfect for the Italian families in this wedding.
You got it on Monday and I got it back today... Thursday.
The cost was very reasonable for getting such special memories... memories that can easily be shared.

My wife & I just watched her parents wedding on our big screen TV (twice)and both of us were crying with joy when it was over.
I will be posting this to YouTube for the rest of the family to see.

I can't thank you enough for an outstanding piece of work. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone with film that needs restoration or that they simply want to get to a video file so they can share and keep forever. Or like me, they want to post to YouTube for all family members to see on their computers. I'm sure I'll be sending more videos for you to do your magic."

Thank you again.