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REEL FILM PRODUCTION, LLC is a full service 8mm 16mm film, video & audio restoration service company.

Specializing in old vintage film video and audio analog formats- Digitally restored, modernized for the digital world.

Restore Your Films: Family Highlights, Wedding Memories, and More


You found an old film, labelled "Christmas 1956." It's in a can and smells odd. You want to know what's on it, and you open it up, perhaps watch it on an old projector. It looks bad, silent, yellowed, scratched, broken....

I can help you bring your old films back to life -- but it will take some detective work on your part. Email me and we can start figuring out what needs to be done. I will lead you through the process of figuring out what I will need to assess your film, give you an estimate, then restore your memories.

Old films are short because film was expensive back then, and home and professional film makers alike carefully made sure to capture only the most essential moments: Billy's face when he saw the new bike under the Christmas tree, Mom dancing in the kitchen.

Take the time to look through my video samples and see if you think you want this before and after effect applied to your old movie. My restoration work goes way above and beyond any other restorers out there. Then email me and we can get started. I will not give price quotes until after we have assessed your film together.

I look forward to working with you.


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Your Film Memories

Dear Reel Film Productions Professionals— Many thanks for the amazing film you were able to recover for us from the 1930s! Despite Hurricane Harvey you returned our movie film as a DVD movie, complete with titles, silent-film-era music, and visual quality that was truly impressive—within ten days, I believe it was. My 92-year-old mother and her 90-year-old sister each got one of the five DVD copies you sent and they were thrilled to see themselves as young girls, playing with their many cousins in their grandmother’s back yard and swimming on an outing to the lake. What fun to make this happen for them and to see their excitement. Priceless! I appreciate your professionalism, your promptness, and your results. Best present I could have given these ladies — and they look forward to sharing the movie with their children and grandchildren. Wishing you many more opportunities to put smiles on faces,
Barbara in Vermont