Price Reel Film Production Color Correct, Computer Enhance Images


Price? It all depends on how you want it to look.

Other Companies will give you the "BEFORE" quality. We go the extra mile.

It's Mandatory to watch the video example before emailing  for price


The Quality of the work is going to vary tremendously from company to company. More than 50% of our Business this year, was redoing other companies work  from all over the country. Getting Quotes & Bids, regardless of who does it, is a recipe for disaster.

have a 100% money backguaranteed that I can restore your films to look, sound and have a better presentation than any other company. (No other company offers this.)

Our Guarantees and Unique Services

  • Guaranteed MORE VIEWING TIME when you use our service.  (no other company offers this)
  • Shipping Safety - We keep a copy of your work stored in our computer, (no other company does this)
  • Films are hand cleaned and put in order. (no other company offers this)
  • We provide a.avi computer file for near and far future editing projects/ archiving/ internet clips.  (no other company offers this)
  • playable DVD's are provided - 1 to save, 4others to give away for friends and family members. (no other company offers this)
  • Color Corrected computer enhanced. (no other company offers this)

This is a very specialized field and not found everywhere. If you are interested in our services, and you have watched and listened to the videos with a PC, Laptop or Mac, not a hand held, email me with sizes and number of reels THAT YOU WANT TO GET DONE FIRST.  Then, I will send cost and shipping.

What Condition Is The Film In?

Metal Cans

A metal can is one of the worst places hat film can be stored. The film rots over time due to bad gases building up and the metal cans offer no circulation for the gas to escape.

Film needs to be smooth, flat, pliable..NOT hard, fused together, twisted warped, will smell like strong vinegar as it deteriorates over time.

If you are stilll having doubts about the condition of your film, please open the can, take a picture of the film and send it to me.

Cardboard Box

3" Films in Original box's ( yellow Kodak) or any other cardboard box, fair very well over time. Usually, they do not need to be inspected. Examine the oldest reel.  If the film unrolls easily, than it is in good condition

FILM Service Location

Serving all of the United States. Please contact us,

Due to overwhelming demand, inquiries will be taken by e-mail only

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Dear Reel Film Productions Professionals� Many thanks for the amazing film you were able to recover for us from the 1930s! Despite Hurricane Harvey you returned our movie film as a DVD movie, complete with titles, silent-film-era music, and visual quality that was truly impressive�within ten days, I believe it was. My 92-year-old mother and her 90-year-old sister each got one of the five DVD copies you sent and they were thrilled to see themselves as young girls, playing with their many cousins in their grandmother’s back yard and swimming on an outing to the lake. What fun to make this happen for them and to see their excitement. Priceless! I appreciate your professionalism, your promptness, and your results. Best present I could have given these ladies � and they look forward to sharing the movie with their children and grandchildren. Wishing you many more opportunities to put smiles on faces,
Barbara in Vermont