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Videotapes Do Not Go Bad Over Time

  • Films go bad over time ( reel to reel 1920's to 1970's)
  • The examples on my site are for OLD reel to reel film not videotapes ( reel to reel 1920's to 1970's)
  • Videotapes do not need any correction , adjustment.. straight copy is all it needs.
  • The Old reel to reel films ( 1920's to 1970's) are much more entertaining than the long boring videotapes and will videotapes usually do not go bad, so, get your old film done first, they are rotting over time.
  • SORRY no purchased Movies or Exercise tapes.
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Reel Film Production Videotapes

Most formats:

VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, 8mm, Hi-8mm, Beta, MiniDV

"I had a VHS in PAL format and wanted to get it onto a DVD. The Reel Film Production did an EXCELLENT job of transferring it, there were no issues and everything was really straight forward. The picture and sound quality was as good as it was on the original and I am super happy with their service. 5 STARS from me!! I would absolutely use them again and would definitely recommend their services. Thank you!!"

-Stephanie Edge

Due to overwhelming demand, inquiries will be taken by e-mail only

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Dear Reel Film Productions Professionals— Many thanks for the amazing film you were able to recover for us from the 1930s! Despite Hurricane Harvey you returned our movie film as a DVD movie, complete with titles, silent-film-era music, and visual quality that was truly impressive—within ten days, I believe it was. My 92-year-old mother and her 90-year-old sister each got one of the five DVD copies you sent and they were thrilled to see themselves as young girls, playing with their many cousins in their grandmother’s back yard and swimming on an outing to the lake. What fun to make this happen for them and to see their excitement. Priceless! I appreciate your professionalism, your promptness, and your results. Best present I could have given these ladies — and they look forward to sharing the movie with their children and grandchildren. Wishing you many more opportunities to put smiles on faces,
Barbara in Vermont