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My wife took my 60 year old 8mm films to Costco to get transferred to DVD.. i just about had a fit ! they were sent off from that location across the US to California.. it took 8 weeks to get back. the quality ..there was none ! it was a joke.. a flickering out of focus keystone cop off color mess with awful elevator background music. My wife was thinking that it's all the same so she went cheap. I found Reel Film Production's site and the demo videos showed me what i already had done. in the before & after video it showed other company's work compared to what they do. he redo's this all the time for people that had it done by another company and were not at all happy with the results. After ONLY ONE week a got my films back on 5 DVD's not just one and also came on a hard drive in a .avi computer file so i can edit it, upload it to YouTube or re-edit it . it was beautiful colors, clear, not jumping or flickering.. it was like watching the history channel. you get what you pay for.. best money spent. now i can give this to my family to be enjoyed years to come. great job, highly recommended
Bill L, NY

Comparison Videos

Other Companies will give you the "BEFORE" quality. We go the extra mile.

8mm 16mm film video audio reel to reel restoration digital transfer - Before Video #1
8mm 16mm film video audio reel to reel restoration digital transfer - After Video